A list of projects I am working on or have worked on

Dat Tank
A short game created for a university project.

Marysue Generator
Press the randomise button to get a 100% original Mary Sue character for any use

Moon Engine
A library I worked on to help speed up development of new projects.

Visual Novel Engine
An engine that loads in scripts, images and sound to provide a simple to use visual novel engine.

A birds eye view Danmaku RPG game, current version is written in C# so I could learn how to use XNA, but the next version will probably be in C++.

A 2.5D platformer game made in XNA in a group of 12.

My portfolio website

Moon Cloud
My final year dissertation project, Dynamic Resouce Allocation over a Cloud Distrubuted Network using a Multi-agent System.

Unnamed Roguelike
A roguelike written in C

Text based RPG