Moon Engine

Moon Engine is an engine I worked on, originally it was built for one of my University modules (Games Engine Construction) to help speed up development. It has since been altered and now uses SFML which also provides access to OpenGL.
It is written in C++ and is used for most of my 2D projects as it contains many of the functionallity I'd require such as drawing images/text, loading files and playing sound.
Work was almost constantly being done to it to implement new functionallity or features. There's a few holes in it which could lead to crashes but they're generally cleaned up once notice.
I hope to be able to make it into a library so that I don't have to include both the source and headers for every project I make and instead just link to it.


  • Handles storing of images and audio
  • File loading
  • Drawing images, text and primatives to the screen
  • Mouse and keyboard input
  • Basic rectangle structure with built in collision detection